Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The next 2 years

Peace Corps will tell us our permanent sites on Sunday. Then it's off to visit them on Wednesday to see our schools, meet our counterparts and our new host families. It's like starting all over again. Only this time it's for real.

I'm 95% sure I'm going to be in or around Roxas City on the northern side of Panay Island.


cjc said...

It's Sunday in Tucson...I'm not sure what day it is for you!

But I had a complete and utter "missing Hilly" meltdown yesterday at Safeway.

I'm dogsitting for a colleague, who doesn't drink coffee.

So I'm writing this morning with my nescafe and ovaltine beside me, saluting you from afar with my ghetto mocha a la Hill.


Schellhase said...

Or not.

Justin said...

Well its still northern Panay right???

Pinaypostcrosser said...

Here's wishing you good luck on the next stage of your PCV adventure :)

Anonymous said...

Are you learning hiligaynon? Thought they were moving to Filipino (Tagalog) for everyone. What is classroom instruction in?

Northern Panay should have some decent overlap with the tagalog region winding it's way down from Manila.

"Where are you going?" is always a good barometer;

Manila: Saan ka papunta?
Visayan: Diin ikaw maayan?

Can get dicey in the far flung regions...

Ivatan: Jinu ngayan mu?

Then near/far (malapit/malayo) and hot/cold,

Most people didn't make much progress, but it's not too bad if you want to learn. Thought the provincial dialects were easier, Filipino seemed to have an unnecessarily repetitive cacaphony of maddeningly alliterative syllables. Easier to stick with English in the big city if you're learning a regional dilect (plus, it will endear you to the local community).

Good Luck,

Sugarol na cano